Sunday Celebration

Sunday Morning Celebrations take place on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th of the month and they are a time to meet with and to hear from God. The Celebration starts at 10:30am. There is a shorter celebration on the 1st Sunday of the month starting at 9:30am On the 5th Sunday we have an all age celebration followed by a shared meal.

We aim to bring our worship to God, to fellowship with one another and to be encouraged and equipped by the Lord’s presence amongst us.
Sunday Morning provides the main opportunity for the church to gather together, with celebration playing a key part in our service.

Each week there is a celebration leader to take us through the celebration and a speaker to help us understand the Word of God. Our musical worship is contemporary, involving predominantly modern songs and hymns and using contemporary musical instruments, in a style familiar to anyone who has been to Spring Harvest or New Wine. We welcome the gifts of the Spirit in our celebrations.

While the speaker is speaking, the children have classes that they can go to and there is also a creche for younger children.

ChristChurch celebrates communion on the second and fourth Sunday of the month and for regular attendees there is an offering on the third Sunday of the month.

There is also chance for prayer ministry during and after the celebration.

Once the celebration is over everyone stays for a chat and a cup of tea or coffee (and sometimes cake).