12:12 Prayer Pointers – June 2024

Pray for ChristChurch Wrexham

Our worship and witness – Pray for God’s presence, peace & power to be manifest in our gatherings & for missional opportunities as we journey through late spring & early summer. Pray for the Alpha course as it moves towards its conclusion next month.

Ministry and Mission & Money – Pray for wisdom & understanding as we seek to hear & obediently follow the Lord’s word, will & ways for us at CCW this year. Pray particularly for God’s blessing & increase upon our finances throughout this year. Give thanks that in this first third of the year income has exceeded expenditure. Pray also that we will be TOGETHER in all the Lord has for CCW in the year ahead & for the opportunities that partnering with Ichthus & Kori in Hungary offer (evangelism, mission trips, leadership training & developing worship leaders).

Grace, vision, wisdom & discernment – for CCW Leaders, the Trustees, CCW Staff, Ministry Team Leaders & all who carry any leadership responsibility at CCW.

Our prayer ministry – Boldness, courage, expectancy, fervency, the free flow of the Spirit & effectiveness as we seek & find the Lord.

CCW Youth and Children’s Ministry – Pray for Lesley & the Team with the weekly rhythm of Junior Church, Tiddlers & Youth Group. Lift the potential of our children & young people before the Lord. Continue to pray for the SWAP initiative as the Youth are mentored by more mature Christians. Give thanks for some grant money for new toys for tiddlers.

Healing and wholeness – for those who are unwell, sick or grieving ~ God’s comfort & compassion to touch them deeply. Pray for those amongst us who are caring for wider family members. LIFT specific individuals that God has laid upon your heart – particularly Shirley, Dorthy & Eth as they recover form recent operations. Keep lifting Rob Parkinson in prayer with his return to part-time work at Solway as the hours on site will gradually increase. Jehovah Rapha heal our bodies, souls & spirits, Jehovah Nissi fight our battles, Jehovah Jireh meet our needs, Jehovah Shalom be our peace, Jehovah Shammah thank you that you are always there for us. El Shaddai be always more than enough for us. Hallelujah!!

PRAY for the youth at CCW who will be undertaking exams in this spring & summer term.


CCW Global Links

Grace, wisdom, provision, protection & supernatural resourcing and strength for ALL our global gospel partners.

FI [Romania], Tearfund, Jeruzalem Church (Poland), Tearfund Nepal & Aanandit Fellowship [Nepal] ~ That they may know the rich blessing of the Lord, which adds no sorrow (Proverbs 10:22) & the Lord’s continuing favour (Psalm 5:12) in their respective missional & ministry contexts. Pray for a specific ministry above which the Lord lays on your heart. Pray for Bikram’s (from Aanandit fellowship Nepal) ongoing recovery from multiple fractures after a severe accident at work.

The Vening Family in Panama – Pray for God’s continued providence, protection & provision for the family. Pray for Emily & Bea as they too sit exams this summer. Pray for Mark & Sure to pace themselves wisely with the increasing demands & frequency of ministry.

Kori and Sylvi [Hungary] – Pray for Kori, Sylvi & the family. Continue to pray for Kori’s ministry with the church plants in Orgovany, Abony & Jászladány, as well as the plans for another English Language Summer school (Faith Owen & team) & an Autumn trip (to Hungary & Ukraine) from a CCW team.

Tony and Martina [Turkey] – Pray for God’s guidance in relation to Tony’s continuing health challenges as the couple spend time back in London discerning God’s future plans for them.

Compassion UK – Munezero [Rwanda] & his family to continue to know the blessing of the Lord & for his studies as he soon takes his school leaving exams. He has been studying veterinary medicine. Pray also for any other children you sponsor.

Russ & Lesley Howell – as they continue their journey through an extended sabbatical & a very challenging season. Health, strength & direction for the future.

GNF [Hungary] – Pray for Donat & all the team & pray for God’s continued blessing upon their ministry & mission as a church & charity. 

Pray for Wrexham

Pray for the peace & prosperity of our city – Pray over what physically & spiritually, comes in & what goes out of our city gates. Pray that Wrexham would indeed be a city set upon a hill & experiencing the Lord’s prosperity & peace. Pray that Wrexham / Wrecsam will be saved.

Church Leaders across Wrexham – energy, strength, resilience, wisdom, unity (broader & deeper) and continuing vision in 2024.

Local churches’ ministries and mission – as they seek to make Christ known through mission & outreach. Pray that our unity & partnerships in the gospel would grow stronger & broader. Lift before the Lord the Alpha courses running in this season.

Compassion Ministries in our city and borough – Foodbank, Food Distribution, XL Mentoring, Y Bont, Street Pastors, Community Money Advice, Baby Basics, the drop-in centre for asylum seekers and refugees [run by the Red Cross], Warm Spaces, Housing Justice Cymru – Wrexham Citadel.

Christians Together in Wrexham – [Rev. Jonathan Smith – Chair] Give thanks for those that serve & lead this coalition of churches & praise God that CTiW is a vehicle for united worship & witness across the Wrexham churches.

Church Leaders Fellowship – monthly gatherings and the unity it fosters.

Wrexham Burn 24/7 – Monthly gatherings of worship & prayer. Lift the planning team & worship bands before the Lord & pray over the gathering scheduled for later this month.

WCBC – The leader (Mark Pritchard), chief executive and councillors of Wrexham council. Pray for wisdom & compassion as they seek to maintain service provison with huge financial challenges. MP [Sarah Atherton] and WA member [Lesley Griffiths].

Chaplaincy – HMP Berwyn, Coleg Cambria, Glyndwr University, Maelor hospital, North Wales Police, Wrexham’s retail chaplain, Wrexham Football Club. Pray for greater opportunities to open up for local clergy & Christian volunteers – particularly in the Maelor Hospital.

Pray for our NEW Crime Commissioner in North Wales – Andy Dunbobbin

Pray for the new WREXHAM TOWN BOARD (a group of leaders from various sectors across Wrecsam society) as they make plans to spend £20 million over the next 10 years (levelling up money) to help boost regeneration in Wrexham. The money is to be spent around 3 key themes – 1) safety & security 2) high streets, heritage & regeneration 3) transport & connectivity. Give thanks that CTiW (representing local churches) have a place upon the board

Pray for the UK

Pray for the PM Rishi Sunak & the cabinet & also the political leaders of the home nations:

Wales – Vaughan Gething
Northern Ireland –Michelle O’Neil
Scotland – John Swinney

Pray for Godly statesmen & stateswomen to come to the fore in this general election season. Seek the Lord about who we should be supporting & voting for on both a local & national level

The cost of living crisis – energy, food, fuel, mortgages & increasing rents – the protection of people’s livelihoods & homes. Generosity to be spread abroad.

King Charles 111 That he would keep looking to the Lord & truly be a defender of the Christian faith. Pray for Charles that he would rule under the anointing & authority of Jesus, the King of kings & Lord of lords. Pray for his health as he battles cancer and undergoes treatment & give thanks that he has been able to increase his workload & public duties.

Catherine, Princess of Wales – For strength & healing as she undergoes cancer treatment & resilience to deal with all the press & social media attention & speculation about her & her family.  Give thanks that the media spotlight upon Kate dimmed considerably over this last 4-6 weeks.

Pray for other Nations

Pray for a nation (or nations) that the Lord lays on your heart.

Let us be particularly mindful of:

  • Taiwan following the recent earthquake
  • The continuing war & conflicts in GAZA & UKRAINE,
  • Yemen – famine & conflict within the nation,
  • Haiti – the current state of emergency, political unrest & severe poverty.
  • Other continuing wars & conflicts around the globe (e.g. Syria, Afghanistan)


Wrexham – City Wide Prayer

North Wales Police – City Centre Inspector Heidi Stokes

  • That we are kept safe whilst serving and protecting the public
  • That we do the right thing in difficult circumstances
  • That we look after each other so we can look after others

THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMITMENT TO PRAY TODAY – it has made a difference, Hallelujah!!

Please fast (at least one meal) during the 12:12 day to accompany your prayers. Further details from Gareth – churchleader@christchurchwrexham.org.uk

Lesley Griffiths AM
I would value everyone’s prayers for me to help me be a better representative, have more patience and strength.

Mark Pritchard – WCBC Leader
To pray for the health and well-being of the residents of Wrexham.
To pray for anybody facing homelessness.
And Finally to pray for working in true partnership of all multi-faiths across the globe.

Amy Wainscott – WCBC city centre manager
For our Council workforce as we move on from dealing with Covid and for our continued support for the children and older people in the area
For Our community work in Wrexham as we all face financial pressures
During a year of major elections that we manage continuity and stability of the Council.


Street pastors
8 -10 new volunteers to enable weekly patrols

Baby Basics.
New location – the landlord of the building hasn’t fixed a leaky roof and the mould issue in our room for 5 months now and doesn’t seem keen to do it so we’re starting the hunt to move. Finances, location and space are the key factors.

Caia Food Club.
Give thanks for all that has been achieved.
Pray that we may be able to sustain the club in a suitable venue while St Mark’s is refurbished and that the good conversations, worship and opportunities to share Christian faith may continue.

Housing Justice Cymru – Wrexham
Pray for the wellbeing and resilience of our volunteers who are supporting people in very difficult circumstances, which can take a toll on them as well. The current difficulties accessing housing and health mean we have far less capacity to help people get what they really need, which can be hard for everyone involved.

Y Bont
That our name will continue to get to the places and people who need it, and that the good name and reputation will increase.

We need more volunteer Money Mentors. We would also value pray for our clients.

Give thanks: For all the generous donations we receive and our amazing volunteers
Pray for: The people in our community who are in crisis and have to use our foodbank – that they would feel valued and cared for as well as receiving the food and support they need. That justice, wisdom and compassion would prevail in decisions made by policy makers and politicians.

Berwyn Chaplaincy
Alpha course – more volunteers to help run it (training available)
Sunday morning services – more volunteer attendees from Wrexham churches
More chaplaincy volunteers

We have a number of Formal Prayers available to help during your time fasting and praying. Please visit the formal prayers page.