Children and Youth

Sunday Morning Junior Church

Junior Church
During the celebration, children are encouraged to take part in their own church activities at MiniQuest (ages 3-7) and MegaQuest (ages 8-11). Babies and toddlers (with their parents) are very welcome to join in if they would like to; there are also toys and a play area available.

On the first Sunday of the month there are no children’s classes.
Contact Sarah for more information –

MiniQuest and MegaQuest
MiniQuest and MegaQuest begin together, with children’s songs, games and Bible teaching. Then the younger ones (MiniQuest) do craft and creative activities to develop their understanding of the story or theme, while the older ones (MegaQuest) move to the café area for discussion and activities. We gather again at the end for feedback and prayer.

It is important to us that we use the Bible to teach our children in a fun, accessible way about the character of God and what we can learn from those who followed Him. We also provide opportunity for children to have and develop a relationship with Him themselves, and so within the session we make space for them to engage in different kinds of worship, pray, and spend time thinking and listening to God.

Our children are highly valued and cared for members of our church family. We involve them in the things we do. We pray for them often, and seek to give them a firm foundation in knowledge and understanding of God that will help them as they grow.

Our high school aged Junior Church group is called EAT, which stands for Exploring a Theme. And that’s what we do – we delve into a subject each time, discuss our how it affects us, and what we can learn from the Bible about it. Many of the subjects we explore are chosen by the young people and are directly relevant to their lives. We hope to equip these young people with the knowledge to make good decisions and the chance to find their own faith as they grow.


Tiddlers is a popular, inclusive toddler group for 0-3s and their parents, grandparents and carers. We meet in the Hall 3 on Thursday mornings, between 9.15-11.15am (term-time).

We have a variety of quality toys for free play in our indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as refreshments for adults and children (fresh coffee, biscuits, fruit, toast), a song time, and craft (painting, sticking, biscuit decorating – to name but a few!). 

Tiddlers Facebook Page

We would love to see you there! Suggested donation is £1. 

Youth Club

C2 is a youth club for year 7+. The club is aimed specifically at young people across Wrexham who are not part of a church.

The vision is to serve the community, and share the Gospel. C2 itself has an optional bible study. Videogames, boardgames, ping pong and other games are available. We aim to take young people who are interested in knowing more about Jesus to Youth Camps every year.

This club will take place every term-time Friday from 7.30-9pm at Acton Community Resource Centre, Overton Way. If your child would be interested in becoming apart of C2, you’d be interested in helping us serve the youth of Wrexham or you have any questions please get in contact with Adam for more information – 


ChristChurch regards child protection and good working practice as a priority please see church statement on About ChristChurch page of the website.