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1st December 2023

The Power of Prayer

The great evangelist Billy Graham referred to prayer as being a way of life.
If we make prayer a daily habit whenever, or whatever, need arises we will already be in practice.
If we are diligent in the disciplines of the Christian life they will become a delight & also deliver great benefits.
Through 5 S’s James indicates to every believer that prayer is needed in every circumstance of life.
There is never a time or situation where prayer is not appropriate!!! SELAH
We saw yesterday how we need to pray in times of suffering & difficulty.
Today we will think around how we are to pray when everything in life is going well for us.
How to pray during times or seasons of Success will be our theme & focus.

Is anyone among you suffering? He must pray. Is anyone joyful? He is to sing praises [to God]. James 5:13 Amplified Bible

We so often pray when life is tough but can be much less attentive to prayer when life goes well for us.
This carelessness & complacency is what James is warning us about.
He talks of those who are cheerful, joyful, in good heart or strongly encouraged.
Prayer is to be offered in such circumstances too because the danger is that we can so easily forget about the Lord in such times. SELAH

The type of prayer that is appropriate in times of success is praise.
The words used here indicate singing praises or offering up worship.
Through words, in song or with musical instruments, we offer up thanks through the attitude of gratitude.
Basically, through such prayer we show our love & appreciation unto the Lord.
Praise & worship are the heartfelt overflow of appreciative & thankful hearts.
This is the type of prayer James is advocating here. Prayers of adoration & appreciation
It is prayer, expressed through praise, acknowledging the Lord as the source of all that is good or blessed in our lives.

Thank you, expressed with a truly thankful heart, is always a great prayer.
Our Heavenly Father is ever faithful to supply our needs whatever our circumstances.
For his ceaseless protection, provision & providence we are to be ever thankful in prayer.
Prayer & praise should be the daily rhythm & pattern of our spiritual lives.
Looking unto, & lifting our hearts, to the Lord whatever we are experiencing.
Our prayers are necessary & important in the times of success too.
In similar manner they are the costly sacrifice of a heart that is enduring suffering. SELAH
Pray to & praise HIM every day, no matter what is going on or what you are experiencing.
Whether you are experiencing suffering or success – PRAY anyway & every day. Hallelujah!!!

For Reflection

  • Do I readily acknowledge the Lord as the source of every blessing & all that is good in my life?
  • How reliable am I in offering up prayers of thanks & appreciation?
  • Meditate upon the type of prayer that is appropriate when we experiencing great blessing.

A song related to this theme:


Heavenly Father,
Thank you that You always hear & heed my prayers,
And that in Your perfect time & way You answer them all.
Jesus thank you that You are the source of all good & blessing in my life,
Keep my heart full of gratitude, appreciating & acknowledging Your gracious & generous providence.
Holy Spirit draw me ever deeper into prayer & praise,
In every season & circumstance of my life.
This I ask in the mighty Name of Jesus.

Written by Gareth Jones

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