Babies, toddlers and children

Coming into church for the first time can feel daunting, especially when you come with children in tow. This guide will let you know what to expect and hopefully put you at ease as you explore what ChristChurch has to offer.

Who are we?

ChristChurch is a friendly, welcoming church that has community and sharing the Good News of Jesus at its heart. We meet at Acton Community Resource Centre every Sunday morning at 10:30.
You can always be assured of a warm welcome and friendly face as you arrive and a great cuppa and biscuit at the end!

As you arrive:

The centre has a big car park, so parking should not be an issue. We encourage you to arrive 5-10 minutes early so that you can enjoy our countdown and get settled but also understand that organising the family can be a challenge, if you arrive late, please don’t worry, make your way all the way to the café area and the door on your left will lead you in to the back of church.

We know that babies, toddlers and children come with a lot of ‘stuff’ so please rest assured that there is plenty of room in our meeting space for everything you require. Upon arrival you will be welcomed on the door by our brilliant welcoming team.

Prams and Buggies:
If you child is asleep please feel free to bring the pram into the meeting room, if not please leave it in the main corridor. If you do need to keep your pram in the meeting room, that is also fine.

There are no pews so seating is flexible. If you would prefer not to sit in the middle of the congregation, please speak to someone at the back of the hall, they will be happy to assist you.

During the celebration:

During the celebration there will be various elements including times of singing, prayer, reading the Bible, listening to speakers etc. Please feel free to join in with as little or much as you want. We also understand that young children make noise and want to be free to walk around and express themselves, please rest assured that whilst we do encourage the children to participate in the prayers, singing etc, there is plenty of room at the back for children to crawl and walk about, we understand that crying is part and parcel of being a child too. We do have flags and instruments at the back that everyone can use in our worship.
The celebration will last just over an hour or so.

At any time during the celebration, the toilets can be accessed. The toilets are located close to the main entrance to the building. Baby changing facilities can be found in the disabled toilet.

We have facilities in the kitchen to warm baby food or milk, please feel free to ask someone at the back of church to help with this. We also welcome feeding in the meeting room. Young children are also welcome to eat snacks too. If you would like more privacy, please feel free to move into the café area, there are some sofas and hard backed chairs. Please walk back into the meeting room when you are ready.


The children remain in the celebration for the first part and then leave for their classes.

Creche (from birth) – In the children’s room, there are some toys and mats, parents are welcome to take their small children there to play and join in with some of the activities from Mini-quest. Alternatively, parents are welcome to stay in the main celebration with their younger children.

Mini-quest (ages 3-7) and Mega-quest (ages 8-11) – children are welcome to come to these classes on their own but you are welcome to come and meet the leaders and settle them in.

There is always the option of sitting in the café if your child is upset or needs a quieter space at any time.

Practical, Pastoral and Prayer

As a church, we care for one another. We support each other with practical help, pastoral help and through prayer.

We have weekly and monthly programmes that you and your child would be welcome to attend. We offer a mid-week parent and toddler group, mid-week Bible studies, monthly Wild Worship, twice yearly parenting courses and have regular social times where parents and children can meet up with one another.

We like to support each other in the good times and the bad. If you require any practical support, we will try and help in any way we can and will also direct you to charities and organisations with which we are affiliated.

As a church we really believe in the power of prayer and have many people within the church that would be happy to support you in prayer. Please email one of the people from this pamphlet to chat more about this.

Who can I go to for help and advice?

If you have any concerns about the welfare of a child we do have a designated safeguarding officer within the church or please feel free to contact any of the people listed in this pamphlet for more information.