The Pinter Family – Church Planting in Izsák

On a mission trip to Orgovany, Hungary with the Good News foundation in 2016 we met and connected strongly with Kori and Sylvi Pinter.
Supported by the Good News Foundation they had launched an evangelistic mission in Izsák and were seeking to establish a new church. We helped them with evangelism and prayer walking.

Following that visit ChristChurch partnered with them through prayer, a monthly donation and regularly sending mission teams to help with the mission work and church planting (once or twice each year).
Kori and Sylvi continue their mission and church planting in Izsák and are now partnering with the Apostolic Church. The work is growing and they are now pioneering works in three separate places.

Izsák congregation 2020 – update from Kori

We have been experiencing an amazing period in Izsák this year despite the Covid pandemic. In our formative years with the community there have been plenty of saved souls but unfortunately we could retain just a few in the congregation. Nevertheless, we attained a breakthrough in 2020: more and more men started to attend our meetings, and that led to significant life changes as people were delivered and set free from destructive habits and besetting sins.

We started a gathering for men only, with the purpose of training leaders, who could minister in our congregation in Izsák. At the beginning of 2020 there were only 3-5 ladies in the community, and now we have increased the number to 10-15. We are happy to announce, that there were 5 persons, who were baptised this year.

It’s a sad fact, that we currently have no place to gather, because the building where we used to rent each week, is already sold.

We have been passionate for a long time, about reaching out for the orphans (mainly from the gipsy communities) in the surrounding villages.

We achieved several goals this year as well.

  • We started to renovate our shed, to enable it to be used as a meeting room. The project is not completed yet though and we hope to be ready by next summer.
  • We have been asked to create home groups in Kecskemét too. At present, we have monthly gatherings in Kecskemét, and weekly in Izsák and Orgovány. In operating these home groups Csezi and Gyuri give us a helping hand, so I don’t have to carry all the burdens. In the three townships we can reach out for 30-50 people, which means a huge increase overall. Praise the Lord.
  • Due to the pandemic it was fairly difficult to keep in touch with our fellow members of the congregation. We succeeded to maintain that with the help of Zoom. We seem to get along very well with it. We are especially pleased to share the news with you, that we are now able to connect different home groups.
  • Our good relationship with the Good News Foundation still exists, we continue to support and help each other.
  • We have some thrilling news in terms of affiliation. This April we joined the Hungarian Apostolic Church. Our family and the church plant now belong to this Church, where I was inaugurated as a pastor this November. This fills my heart with an enormous pleasure.

In this Apostolic Church I got to know Balázs, with whom we immediately were on the same page. This mentorhood strengthened and encouraged me throughout this challenging year. Not only has my relationship with Balázs got so close, but our families get on very well with each other too. That means a lot to my wife and my children.

I am about to finish my theological studies. I will be having my final exam in 2021. At present I am busy with writing my degree work. That seems to be pretty time consuming. Hopefully, I will be done with it by next summer. I am really grateful for your support related to this topic as well.

As for our goals in the coming year, we plan to go on with the meetings specially created for men. I do believe, it will strengthen them and make them able to join the ministration. I am ready to take more of my time for the communities of Kecskemét and Orgovány. My main goal is to bring the 3 communities together every so often. I’m focusing on the possibility to make these Zoom sessions more frequently.

At last, but not least, I’d like to express my gratitude for your prayers and for your financial support, which is currently our only income. Hopefully our financial situation will be improved in various ways through local donations as well.