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27th Oct 2021

The Pleasant Portion

Psalm 16 is David’s special precious song of praise.
David celebrates in the Lord for being his Protection, Portion & Praise.
Today we will further explore this Michtam through a number of I’s.

1 Protect me, Lord God!
I run to you for safety,

2 and I have said,
“Only you are my Lord!
Every good thing I have
is a gift from you.”

3 Your people are wonderful,
and they make me happy,

4 but worshipers of other gods
will have much sorrow.
I refuse to offer sacrifices
of blood to those gods
or worship in their name.

5 You, Lord, are all I want!
You are my choice,
and you keep me safe.

6 You make my life pleasant,
and my future is bright.

7 I praise you, Lord,
for being my guide.
Even in the darkest night,
your teachings fill my mind.

8 I will always look to you,
as you stand beside me
and protect me from fear.

9 With all my heart,
I will celebrate,
and I can safely rest.

10 I am your chosen one.
You won’t leave me in the grave
or let my body decay.

11 You have shown me
the path to life,
and you make me glad
by being near to me.
Sitting at your right side,
I will always be joyful. Psalm 16 CEV

David draws inspiration from the joy of being in relationship with God.
He enjoys intimacy with the Lord experiencing great pleasure & delight in the Lord`s presence.
David acknowledges that every good thing he has comes from the Lord (James 1:17).
For David there is no other way to live.
He has made the best choice & he is sticking with it.

David is aware that God instructs him & guides him along the safe & secure paths in life.
This illumination & counsel bringing constant instruction to David’s heart (Psalm 139:130).
Even in the night watches the Lord whispers His wisdom to David’s soul & spirit.
David celebrates the constant presence of the Lord which is the source of his great confidence in God.

David makes reference to the Lord as his prize, pleasure & portion.
He is aware there is a great inheritance for the children of God.
The covenant relationship with the Lord being the unending source of blessing & promise.
The bounty of the Lord’s goodness starts in this life but continues forever.
God is a rewarder of those who faithfully & fully seek after Him (Hebrews 11:6).

David finds inspiration, intimacy, instruction, illumination & an inheritance in the Lord his God.
He even gets a glimpse of the immortality that only God can give (Romans 2:7; 1 Corinthians 15:53-54, 2 Timothy 1:10).
David joyfully celebrates that he has chosen the Lord yet at the same time knows he has been chosen by the Lord too.
The best choice is for the chosen ones.
Keep choosing life, keep celebrating in the Lord.

For Reflection

  • In what ways am I celebrating the goodness of the Lord?
  • How am I desiring & seeking for MORE of the Lord?
  • Meditate on the power of choice & being chosen.

A song related to this theme


Lord God & Heavenly Father,
Thank you for the intimacy ‘In Christ’ I share with You,
That You instruct my heart & illuminate my paths through life.
Thank you for the bounty of Your goodness & grace that flows through my life.
Thank you that You never leave me or forsake me,
That you are ever with me to provide & protect.
May You ever be my praise.
In Jesus mighty name,

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