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13th Jan 2022

Sing to the Lord a new song

Hallelujah – Praise the Lord.
Yesterday we considered the present joy of the saints as they sang a new song to celebrate the Lord’s deliverance.
Today we will look at the final 3 verses of Psalm 149 which highlight the future hope of the saints.
These 3 verses revealing to us that HIGH praise & worship are part of our armory as soldiers in the Lord’s army.
We are both worshipers & warriors of our Maker & King.
High praise & worship plays a key part in putting the enemy to flight (Psalm 8:2; 2 Chronicles 20).

Praise the Lord!

Sing to the Lord a new song.
Sing his praises in the assembly of the faithful.

2 O Israel, rejoice in your Maker.
O people of Jerusalem,[a] exult in your King.
3 Praise his name with dancing,
accompanied by tambourine and harp.
4 For the Lord delights in his people;
he crowns the humble with victory.
5 Let the faithful rejoice that he honors them.
Let them sing for joy as they lie on their beds.

6 Let the praises of God be in their mouths,
and a sharp sword in their hands—
7 to execute vengeance on the nations
and punishment on the peoples,
8 to bind their kings with shackles
and their leaders with iron chains,
9 to execute the judgment written against them.
This is the glorious privilege of his faithful ones.

Praise the Lord! Psalm 149 NLT

Our praise & worship anticipate the final & eternal victory of God.
Expressing the great hope that the God of justice will make all things right.
They have an impact in the present & the future.
In the present cutting through everything that exalts itself against the word, will & ways of the Lord.
At the same time reminding ourselves & the spiritual forces that God is King.
Submit & surrender now or be prepared to suffer eternal judgement!!
That is the repeated message of the Scriptures – the judgement written against them.
Love wins, light wins, God wins. Hallelujah!!

God’s praises are to be in our mouths at the same time as a sword in our hands.
Life is ever the mix of blessing & battle.
The praises we are to bring are HIGH PRAISE.
Songs & worship that centre on our King & Maker.
Father, Son & Spirit at the heart of our worship.
Lifting the Lord above all else & truly exalting & magnifying His great & glorious name.
High praise is unto the Most High God, the King of Kings & Name above all names.
It is exulting the King far above the important task of stirring up & encouraging His subjects the saints!!

The sword we yield is the Word of God (Hebrews 4:12) & the sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17).
The double edged sword – Word & Spirit.
Scripture in song is so important as are the songs that the Spirit anoints & moves powerfully through.
Word & Spirit giving glory into the Lord & at the same time helping us to grow up in every way.

“The word of God is all edge; whichever way we turn it, it strikes deadly blows at falsehood and wickedness.
If we do not praise we shall grow sad in our conflict; and if we do not fight we shall become presumptuous in our song.
The verse indicates a happy blending of the chorister and the crusader.” (Spurgeon)

May we be faithful in ever lifting high praise unto our Maker & King.
May we be fearless in the ongoing battle against the enemy of our souls.
NEW songs rising from our hearts aligned with the sword in our hands.
Declaring & demonstrating the victory of our great King.
Hallelujah!! JESUS!!!

For Reflection

  • Do I truly place God at the centre of my praise & worship?
  • What anointed song of the Spirit has God given you for this season?
  • Mediate upon being a worshiper & a warrior.

A song related to this theme:


Heavenly Father,
Hallelujah – praise Your mighty Name.
As your worshipers may new songs keep rising from our hearts unto You,
As Your warriors strengthen our arms for battle,
In the mighty name of Jesus,

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