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31st January 2023

Stay the course, Finish well

Joseph learned how to serve, & use his prophetic gifts fully, with humility & integrity.
Together they proved to be a very powerful combination – a dynamic catalyst for God-given breakthrough.
They formed the platform that enabled Joseph’s promotion to great prominence. Through that prominence he brought deliverance & relief to many experiencing the ravages of a severe prolonged famine.
We see these qualities perfected ‘par excellence’ in the life & ministry of Christ our Lord & saviour.
Through the time of his suffering Joseph also learnt how to fully depend & trust upon the Lord.
That is the focus of our thoughts for today.

But remember me when it is well with you, and please show kindness to me; make mention of me to Pharaoh, and get me out of this house. For indeed I was stolen away from the land of the Hebrews; and also I have done nothing here that they should put me into the dungeon.” Genesis 40:14-15

Joseph called the name of the firstborn Manasseh: “For God has made me forget all my toil and all my father’s house.” And the name of the second he called Ephraim: “For God has caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction.” Genesis 41:41-52

In his dealings with the butler & the baker Joseph was looking for a helping hand to get out of prison.
“Remember me & put in a good word for me. I’m innocent so please help to free me.”
His release was not to come through human hands or help but via divine advancement.
We can all be tempted like Joseph to seek a way out of difficult situations with our own wisdom, understanding, resources & contacts.
Every single one of us will have tried to offer the Lord a helping hand at some point of our lives!!! Perhaps we do it frequently.
Total trust is relying fully upon the Lord & not seeking to bring about our own deliverance.
It continues to trust, & stand firm in faith, even when it doesn’t fully understand all that is going on or what God is doing.

Two years later when he comes before Pharaoh to interpret his dreams, Joseph does not plead for release (Genesis 41).
It is amazing that before the man with the ultimate power to release him joseph satay silent on the matter.
Instead, he explains the meaning of the dreams & then reveals the divine path to navigate through the famine.
Joseph is wholly sharing the word of the Lord & not staring into the territory of his own wishes or desires.
His fate is left entirely in the hands of the Lord. Joseph trusts the Lord.
Joseph is looking to the highest power & authority for his release!! Content to wait & trust.
Amazingly the advancement comes rapidly & with it the release from prison he had long been hoping & praying for.
God’s timing is always right. God’s work needs to be done God’s way & in God’s good & perfect time.

Total trust is relying fully upon the Lord & not seeking to bring about our own deliverance.
It means resisting the temptation to make things happen through our own strength & resources.
Joseph’s was a prolonged trial & test that needed great faith & trust. Just like Jesus facing the cross.
Genuine faith will endure & keep trusting right through to the end (Mark 13:13; 2 Timothy 2:3; 1 Corinthians 13:7).
Joseph had to learn to see things from a different perspective. He received divine insight into what was happening to him.
The Lord was using (rather than causing) the injustices & suffering to bring about His salvation purposes on the earth.
Turning the evil, injustice & suffering that came Joseph’s way to good (Genesis 45:5,7 & 8; Romans 8:28).
The names Joseph gives his children reveal how his heart was perceiving & discerning what the Lord was doing (Genesis 41:51-52).
During severe prolonged injustice & suffering Joseph saw, & fully trusted, the hand of God at work in his life.
He saw, & knew without any doubt, that the goodness of the Lord was running after & following him (Psalm 23:6).
That is genuine faith & utter trust. Hallelujah!!
Fear looks all around, doubt & unbelief look within, regret looks back, but faith keeps looking up unto the Lord.
Joseph kept looking up & with the Lord’s help so may we. COME ON!!!

For Reflection

  • Where & in what ways do I see the goodness of god accompanying me?
  • How tempted do I become to work out or fix my circumstances apart from the Lord?
  • Meditate upon what it means to fully & totally trust the Lord.

A song related to this theme:


Heavenly Father,
Thank you that Your goodness & mercy ever follow me.
Jesus thank you that You endured the cross for my salvation,
That you passed through trial, severe testing & great suffering to save me.
Holy Spirit help me to keep faithfully looking unto the Lord,
Give me strength & resilience to keep trusting whatever my circumstances,
Help me always to see the hand of God at work in my life.
This I ask In Jesus mighty Name.

Written by Gareth Jones

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