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11th Nov 2021


On this Remembrance Day we rightly remember the countless sacrifices that were made to maintain the freedoms we enjoy as a nation to this day.
The many lives laid down leave a legacy for following generations.
Christ, Our Lord & Saviour, made the ultimate physical & spiritual sacrifice upon the cross at Calvary.
His once & for all sacrifice (Hebrews 7:27, 9:12, 10:10) paving the way for spiritual freedom from sin & death.
One life laid down on behalf of ALL as the perfect sacrifice by the perfect Saviour.
A spiritual legacy for all generations – past, present & future.

Remember that Jesus Christ, of the seed of David, was raised from the dead according to my gospel,
for which I suffer trouble as an evildoer, even to the point of chains; but the word of God is not chained.
Therefore I endure all things for the sake of the elect, that they also may obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory.

This is a faithful saying:
For if we died with Him,
We shall also live with Him.

If we endure,
We shall also reign with Him.
If we deny Him,
He also will deny us.
13If we are faithless,
He remains faithful;
He cannot deny Himself. 2 Timothy 2:8-13

Remember that Jesus laid down his life to take it up again (John 10:17-18).
There was so much life, holiness, goodness & purity in Him the grave could not hold Him.
The sinless Saviour broke the power of sin & death bringing freedom to those who would receive & accept him as Lord & Saviour.
We serve & follow a resurrected Saviour. He lives for evermore & shares His life with us. Amazing!
Let us never forget that ultimate sacrifice. Keep remembering.

One of the key ways we remember that great & ultimate sacrifice is through the Lord’s Supper (1 Corinthians 11:17-34).
We remember all that Christ did for us upon the cross.
At the same time we also remember that Christ is coming back.
He is coming back to receive those who love Him & to bring the fullness of the Kingdom of God upon the earth.
The cross & resurrection are the guarantee of God’s New Creation upon this earth.
We partake of this special meal with great reverence as we meet powerfully with the Lord in the midst of it.
We come to His table to Remember with thankful & prepared hearts.

We are a people set free by Christ’s great sacrifice.
We are a people who are to keep remembering all He Has done, all He is doing & all He is yet to do.
Keep actively remembering Christ Has died, Christ is Risen, Christ will come again.
What a mighty Saviour. What a wonderful sacrifice.

For Reflection

  • What sacrifices can I make for Christ in response to His great sacrifice for me?
  • In what ways do I prepare my heart & life for meeting with Christ through Communion?
  • Mediate upon the great & ‘once & for all’ sacrifice of Christ.

A song related to this theme:


Heavenly Father,
Thank you for the great sacrifice of Your Son our Lord & Saviour,
That You were ‘In Christ’ reconciling the world to Yourself,
We give you grateful thanks & praise.
In the mighty name of Jesus,

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