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26th Nov 2021

Watchman on the Walls

Habakkuk took up a prayerful watch for the nation of Israel.
He understood the place, people & nation he was to intercede & battle for in prayer.
As he watched in prayer, he was waiting for the Lord’s revelation in reply.
Once revealed that revelation was to be released to the nation in a way it could relate to.
The prophetic vision he received was written down to be read.

I will climb my watchtower and wait to see what the Lord will tell me to say and what answer he will give to my complaint.
The Lord gave me this answer: “Write down clearly on tablets what I reveal to you, so that it can be read at a glance. Habakkuk 2:1-2 GNT

Habakkuk took his watch seriously. He understood the various elements it entailed.
Our watch can take various forms too.
There will be things we are to have a ceaseless & constant watch over (e.g. family 1 Thessalonians 5:17).
There will be things we are to have a consistent watch over (e.g. the place we live & nation we live in or belong to Jeremiah 29:7).
There is then a casual watch as we take up occasional or temporary prayer as we are moved to prayer in response to what we see, hear or experience (e.g. major world events, changing situations or circumstances). For specific individuals there will also be various prayerful tasks that are part & parcel of their call & assignment from the Lord.
Leaders, at every level & sphere of influence, are to watch over there flocks & the people entrusted to them (1 Peter 5:1-4; Hebrews 13:17).

We must also observe that Habakkuk understood how to handle the revelation he received.
Once revelation comes through intercessory prayer we need to rightly interpret it & then properly apply it .
This needs to be done in the right way, at the right time & delivered to the right people in the appropriate manner.
All of this needs to be carried out as the Lord directs.

Reaching out (seeking, asking, knocking Luke 11:9-13) for revelation from heaven by ever looking UP to the Lord.
Receiving from the Lord as we attentively listen for His revelation.
Releasing that revelation in the right way so that others can readily relate to it & receive it.
There are many encouragement & admonitions to watch & pray in the scriptures (Mark 13:37, 14:38; Ephesians 6:18).
Will we like Habakkuk keep climbing the watchtower to faithfully watch & wait.
People, places, the nations & this world depend on our continued obedience.

For Reflection

  • Am I in faithfully watching & waiting in prayer?
  • Do I know the constant, consistent & casual things the Lord wants me to take up in intercessory prayer?
  • Mediate upon the ministry of the intercessory watch.

A song related to this theme:


Heavenly Father,
Thank you that Your revelation brings light & understanding,
Through the power of Your indwelling Spirit keep teaching & training me to receive & discern Your revelation.
Help me to handle that revelation with wisdom & sensitivity so that it can be relayed to others & easily understood .
In the mighty name of Jesus,

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