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13th March 2022

Extra Thought for the Day
by Russ & Lesley Howell

I wanted to share a story from our early ministry years.
Our first Church was in Mountain Ash in South Wales. 
I was the only full time paid Minister in that South Aberdare Valley.
One Church a couple of miles from us had a lay Pastor. It was called Mount Pisgah In Miskin.
The lay Pastor had been a miner. His name was Charlie Christopher.
We got to know him and his wife very well.

They were a godly couple and it was a thrill to sit at Charlie’s feet and listen to him open the Scriptures.
As he got older(he was already old when we met him!) he applied to be recognised as an Accredited Baptist Minister.
As interviews began, one of the key questions addressed to Charlie was ‘what books do you read?’
To which he replied to the Committee of Baptist Ministers ‘I only read one book, the Bible’.
Similar to Smith Wigglesworth. I know that not reading books today is frowned upon by Ministers.
I understand that view point and have always been encouraged to read books.
I like reading books, even in the age of the Kindle.
However, people like Charlie Christopher and Smith Wigglesworth had access to the Bible in a way that I have known by my sitting at the feet of someone like Charlie.
The nearest I have got to their example and inspiration has been making sure that I read the Bible more than any other book each year.
May you find such an inspiration in your life.

Rev Russ and Lesley

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