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23rd March 2023

Strength for the Battle

The battle we are in belongs to the Lord & He is the one who gives us strength for that battle.
Strength for the fight comes from – Our Identity ‘In Christ’, intimacy with Jesus & the indwelling presence & power of the Holy Spirit.
In addition we draw strength from intercession & prayer, together with praise & worship & the power of communion.
Today we will look at the strength & power that comes from testimony (telling your story).
Stories remain one of the most powerful means of communication that have ever existed.
That is why testimonies are so powerful & effective.

I will remember the works of the Lord;
Surely I will remember Your wonders of old. Psalm 77:11

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death. Revelation 12:11

The Psalmist’s regularly look back upon what the Lord has done. They remember the testimonies.
In looking back they are revisiting what the Lord has done for the nation or the individual, or both.
What the Lord did once before He can readily do again. SELAH
Testimonies remind us of the goodness, greatness, glory & wonderful grace & power of the Lord.
That is the strength & power that testimony provides as it stimulates & builds faith.
We look to God’s word & we remember His wonders. So good.

Testimonies are also a means of overcoming our adversary & accuser Satan.
Principally through Jesus’ precious blood but also through our testimony we overcome the enemy.
Testimony of salvation & testimony of what God has done or is doing can be used against him.
Testimonies are therefore yet another source of strength in the spiritual battle.
Use every resource & spiritual weapon you can as you fight the good fight.
Keep reminding the devil & his agents that Jesus is your salvation & victory & that God is on your side.
If God is for us who can stand against us (Romans 8:31-33).

Your testimony (of salvation) & your testimonies (of what God has done for you) are powerful.
Nobody can deny them. They benefit & bless both you & others.
They are the story of your encounters & experiences with the Lord.
They encourage & inspire others & they strengthen & comfort you.
Yet another battle resource of strength & power we have been given.
Keep remembering them (write them down!!) & keep repeating them.

Testimonies encourage, you, inspire others & are effective in resisting the devil (James 4:7).
They have a trifold purpose & carry power & strength.
Keep a store of your testimonies & faithfully record them.
Never tire of telling the testimonies!!!
Keep proclaiming & making known the word, ways & wonders of the Lord. Hallelujah!!!

For Reflection

  • Am I in the habit of regularly sharing testimony about what God has done for me?
  • What are the testimonies that provide you with the most strength & comfort?
  • Meditate upon the power & strength of testimony.

A song related to this theme:


Heavenly Father,
Thank you that You are the source & power behind each & every testimony I have,
That You are the strength & sure foundation of my life.
Jesus thank you for Your precious blood that flowed upon Calvary,
Thank you that through it I overcome my adversary & accuser.
Holy Spirit keep me recalling & telling forth the testimonies,
Giving glory & honour unto the word, works & wonders of the Lord.
This I ask In Jesus mighty Name.

Written by Gareth Jones

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