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3rd May 2024

God’s Presence

With a past, present & future we see dynamic movement of God’s presence throughout the scriptures.
There is movement from place (tabernacle) to person (Christ) to persons (Body of Christ) to God’s own person (New Creation).
Overall, the key message is that God is always working to make the best way for Him to tabernacle (dwell with) man.
Through the saving work of Christ the child of God has open access to the Lord’s presence which is with, in & amongst His beloved children.
An opportunity to encounter fullness of joy & deep delight (pleasure forevermore) in the Father’s presence (Psalm 16:11).
This is a breathtakingly beautiful interplay of God’s sovereignty & human responsibility. SELAH.
This will be the focus of our thoughts & exploration today.

Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling,
And to present you faultless
Before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy,
To God our Savior,
Who alone is wise,
Be glory and majesty,
Dominion and power,
Both now and forever.
Amen. Jude 24-25 NKJV

God is more than able & will present those ‘In Christ’ perfect & blameless in His glorious presence.
It will be a moment of ecstatic joy opening into an eternity of deep pleasure & lasting delight. SELAH
The Lord God is always taking the initiative to enable mankind to encounter & experience His presence.
Throughout history God has chosen to dwell upon the mercy seat & then in the physical body of Jesus.
At present God dwells in the heart of believers through the indwelling Spirit & manifests His presence in gatherings of His children.
In the future He will dwell face to face, His glorious presence fully revealed, in the midst of His people (Revelation 21:1-5, 22:1-5).
Through divine sovereignty the Lord is always making a way for us to live in friendship & fellowship with Him. Hallelujah!!

Humanity’s responsibility is to accept the Lord’s invitation (in Christ) & keep pursuing the presence of God.
When God makes a way we need to be those that readily respond – God chasers!!.
Moses enjoyed & experienced great intimate friendship with the Lord (Exodus 33:11).
He talked to the Lord as a man talks face to face with His friend. His face then radiated God’s glory!!
Joshua learnt the value of lingering & abiding in the presence of the Lord. He refused to leave the tent!!
Jesus daily sought time – significant periods of time – in the Father’s presence.
Time in God’s presence tells & it tells in every way & every time!! SELAH

We may not have the same call or opportunities & be chosen in the same way that Moses & Joshua were.
We are however called & chosen ‘In Christ’. There is no better election or call. SELAH
God’s glorious presence is ever freely available to us because of the saving work of Christ.
Our responsibility is to follow Christ into the presence of the Lord. The way is forever open.
Seek Him with all your heart & you will find Him (Deuteronomy 4:6; Luke 11:9-10).
God has sovereignly made the better & more perfect way ‘In Christ, that we must take full & proper responsibility to follow.
The presence of the Lord is your eternal birthright & everlasting inheritance. Lay hold of it & keep laying hold of it. Hallelujah!!

For Reflection

  • In what ways am I making time & seeking to be in the Lord’s presence?
  • How hungry & thirsty am I for the Lord’s friendship & fellowship?
  • Meditate upon our responsibility to seek & enter into God’s presence.

A song related to this theme:


Heavenly Father,
Thank you that ‘In Christ’ You made a way for me to freely enter Your presence,
And that one day You will receive me face to face, faultless & blameless in Your glorious presence.
Jesus, thank you that have made a better & perfect way for me to enter the Father’s presence,
And that in You I am called, chosen & elected.
Holy Spirit keep me actively seeking & daily pursuing the presence of the Lord,
Enjoying the great privileges as I fully take up the responsibilities
This I ask in the mighty Name of Jesus.

Written by Gareth Jones

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