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Beetle is a responsive WordPress theme for blogs, portfolios, app showcases and resumes. Great for designers, writers and photographers.


We have built a fully responsive theme in order to guarantee a great experience on any device. If you still have doubts, just try it out!


Beetle provides three different kind of parallax scrolling intros (backgrounds, mockups and maps) that you can use to enhance your users experience.


If you are a designer, you may need to showcase your apps at best with our mockup carousels. They include flat iPhones, iPad and desktop devices.

Other Features

Beetle comes with many other useful features to give you great flexibility during the creation process. Explore the demo to discover them.

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The best team in the world

Michael Dean

Michael Dean

UI/UX designer

Phoenix Morgan

Phoenix Morgan

CEO and Head of Design

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Supercharge BeetleGo with new features!

Discover Beetle Pro

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